Digital Marketing
Campaign Strategies

Online marketing planning is impossible without comprehensive
research that covers your goals, competitors, niche audience,
and market potential.

The next step is establishing the campaign targets, metrics,
and messaging, to create an effective marketing strategy with the
right direction, framework, and measurement.


The most common features included in our campaign planning are:

Client Personas

We will analyze your customers, their activities and determine the best way to reach them, build communication, predict and fulfill their demands.


Know your competitors and the best strategies for getting ahead within the market.


Find the best channels to target your customers or improve the ones you already have.

Key Performance Indicators

Determine the key indicators to succeed with your campaign. Know what to track and measure to define ROI.

Abell’s experts in digital marketing start with a deep research of your business to plan and execute tailored campaigns that include the following:

Research & Bench-marking
Competitor Review
Metric Selection & Forecasting
Keyword Research
Market Opportunity Analysis
Online Marketing Plan
Search Opportunity Analysis